Just Squeezed provides juices to a loyal client base within the hospitality industry. We have been supplying juice to a number of long-standing hotels in Victoria such as the Grand Hyatt Melbourne for over 20 years. Many head chefs take us with them when they move to another business, demonstrating that Just Squeezed is a trusted supplier.

We understand that hotels and restaurants are fast-paced environments and require stock to be continuously replenished to meet demand. Our service is reliable and efficient.We ensure that every delivery arrives on time and in perfect condition. We pride ourselves on our ability to provide a convenient and practical service by offering 24 hour delivery turnaround. We can deliver up to 5 days a week to Melbourne CBD clients. 

Just Squeezed produces a wide range of delicious fruit combinations that can be mixed into cocktails and other beverages. Only the best fruit sourced from local growers makes it into our juices. We ensure that the taste of our juices is consistent and the quality is second to none.

Hospitals/Aged Care

Just Squeezed Fruit Juices is a trusted brand in many hospitals and aged care facilities. We have supplied to a number of hospitals and aged care facilities. Just Squeezed is one of the few companies who supply juice in disposable portion cups. Our 110ml portion cups are convenient to serve and comply with nutritional requirements. 

We offer flexible delivery options. Our 24-hour turnaround means that if stock is running low unexpectedly, you can place and order and know that we will deliver it the next day. 

Our juices have a shelf life of 4 weeks. They are disposable and create minimal waste.


Just Squeezed Fruit Juices is a trusted brand among schools. We supply juice in 110ml portion cups that are convenient and meet the nutritional value requirements for children. We do not add sugar to our juice - the sweetness is from the fruit themselves! The portion cups create minimal waste and can be made into frozen ice pops - perfect for students to enjoy at recess and lunch.


Just Squeezed Fruit Juices supplies to a number of independent supermarkets. We deliver our fruit juice at no extra
charge, so no matter how small or large the order is, we are the perfect choice for small local supermarkets!