About Us

Just Squeezed started as a small, local family-owned business. Our founder, Aldo Basile - who had worked in the juice industry for over 20 years - saw a gap in the market for freshly squeezed juice and overabundance of oranges and launched the business.

That was in 1988. Today, 27 years later, we’ve grown and now supply a wide range of fruit juices, long life juices and cordial throughout Victoria and South Australia. We began in an industry dominated by large, national companies, but this didn’t stop us. Our mission in the beginning was, and continues to be, to create juices of the highest quality and provide excellent customer service.

As a family business we know how important it is to create strong, friendly and long lasting relationships with partners and clients.  Our customers are our biggest priority and we are always looking outside the box to find the best way to meet your needs. That is why we offer flexible delivery schedules, and 24-hour delivery turnaround in Victoria. We know that available shelf space can vary every day, and that is why we don’t require a minimum quantity limit on orders.

We proudly support fellow Australian-owned businesses and source all our fruit from local farmers, ensuring that only the best quality fruit goes into our products. Our juices are guaranteed 100% natural, healthy and fresh.


Australian-owned family business

We take great pride in supporting fellow Australian-owned businesses by sourcing fruit locally and ensuring that only the best quality fruit makes its way into our juices. Our reputation is testament to our dedication to providing high quality juice and excellent customer service. 

We delight every customer

We have a range of flavours that will delight every juice customer - from traditional orange juice to apple and pineapple. We continually invest in ongoing product development and always researching ways we can add additional value for our customers. 

Just Squeezed will deliver fresh juice when you want. We will do this at the quantities you require. That’s our promise.

We offer 24-hour delivery turnaround to Victorian customers. Order today and we will deliver it tomorrow. You can order by the carton or by the bottle - there is no minimum quantity required. This helps accommodate for the amount of shelf space available and ensures the juice is always fresh. Just the way we like it!

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